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vintage wallpaper, acrylic, graphite

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tightandout - urban intervention art by Lumir Hladik

Lumír Hladík, Action art / intervention (video)

Title: SORRY…

Location – The Junction, Toronto, Canada

Date: May 4th 2013

 For me, a fence always was, and still is, a symbol of mistrust. In Toronto, there is a stretch of 400 meters of chicken wire fence, which separates the rail tracks from Dundas Street West. For decades, growing trees and bushes, following their natural instinct, are incessantly crossing this arbitrary boundary from both sides of the fence. Despite being cut down by the City’s workers on annual basis, many of the branches are permanently fused with the fence’s wires and cannot be removed. On 4th of May 2013, using medical gauze, I dressed the cut-off tips of about twenty of these amputated tree-limbs.

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Elements used: vintage bedpan filled with milk, handmade silk flower girl dress (9 month), burled pine trunk from a forest fire near Timmins, Ontario; grouse feathers and gauze.

Anever used flower dress turns into an unfulfilled destiny wish. A never consumed hunter’s pride, limp and disintegrating is suspended in time. Innocence morphs into lost limbs in futile wars and wasted young milk fills up an elegant symbol of vulnerability and shame. As part of the VANITAS series, this new installation is produced out of “treated” ready-mades, natural elements and objects scavenged from multitude of sites and shops around the province of Ontario.



A reliquary built/destroyed and created with the help of a wild fisher, (Martes pennanti, a medium-sized mammal native to Canada and northern USA), snow and rain, insects and bacteria and many other things….